My Software:
A unique selection of specialized applications


We have developed the software that we use on a daily basis. We have also developed a means to distribute quality software at a low price. After we review and accept your product ( A Non Disclosure Agreement is provided), our team can develop a marketing plan, a software key piracy protection plan and programming assistance to bring your product to the market

This is done through our virtual collaboration network, eliminating unnecessary travel and communication expenses. Once your product is complete and selling, we can arrange for the distribution of your program as well, with the eventual goal of your needing to do no more, but spend you time developing new programs and products!


Software Marketing
We will evaluate your product's niche market and develop internet marketing specific to your target audience. Cost can be pro rated over income generated
$199.00 Up, depending on your requirements


Software Protection
We work with several software key protection strategy companies to make sure your marketed product remains yours, and that your current customers become your future customers
$59.00 Up, depending on your needs


Software Development
Do you have an unfinished product or an idea for a new product. Is there some issue that you think a software product could solve? We have access to programmers specific to database and Microsoft .NET solutions that can help you create your product
$1500.00 Up, depending on your requirements