Mobile App Development Class Notes


These notes will form the basis of a class in mobile app development. It is based on the premise of learn one, do one, teach one, so I am very open to a discussion about any point brought up, or missed. These notes will not take the form of an introduction to programming principles and will no doubt skip some important aspects of programming that only computer science majors will catch. If this sound like you, please use the comments to correct and help us move forward.

I’ve been a fan of the Techotopia site for some time. Neil Smyth is an author on the site and he has posted his books, constantly updated them and has made them available for free. They are also available for sale in many ebook formats for a very reasonable price. I will be using his book as the text for the class and will start out by providing links to the sections under review. Eventually you will find the ads in the free online version of the book very annoying and you may want to shell out the $10 for your own version.

Here is a link to the book:

Objective-C 2.0 Essentials – Techotopia

Objective-C 2.0 Essentials – Purchase the full edition of this Objective-C book in Print ($16.99) or eBook ($12.99) format Objective-C 2.0 Essentials Print and eBook (ePub/PDF/K…
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I will not be covering the basics of programming. I will skip the first 12 Chapters. They are boring. They are the gates designed to keep people out. They are a test to see if you are worthy or not. You should read them, eventually. You should know that they are there when and if you need them. They will cause you to drop out and question the meaning of life. You probably know some of this stuff already. You could take a placement test and skip these chapters.

Or not.

More prerequisites.

Do you have a Mac? Is it big, shiny and fast? You will need Xcode in order to make this work. I have not found an alternative to this requirement. You’d think someone would create an online server that just runs Xcode and you could log in from your PC and run Xcode on some server someplace. Maybe it exists somewhere, if you know about it let me know.


That’s enough for today. I’m going outside because it’s nice and sunny.

Revisit Objective C

As part of my experiment with the DMADG group, I am wanting to see how useful Facebook is to run an online course on developing iPhone app’s. My idea is to create a post on a topic, and then use the comments as a discussion to explore questions related to the topic of the post. If each post reflects a concept or a code example, then we are in effect creating a record of the problems that other people have with the concept. I believe that if you have a question, then other people have that same question.

In order to reach the widest audience, ie those people who have an aversion to Facebook, I am considering offering the posts on this blog as well. It’s a little bit more work, and I can’t guarantee that it will have the same level of interaction… : Archives | Recipes | Author posts : Archives | Recipes | Author posts.

My approach to programming is to start coding, get completely confused about how to implement the program flow and then start googling the problem I am having. This invariably leads me to which then leads me to even more links. I end up spending a lot of time getting distracted, but I always find gem sites that help me gain insight and the answer.

This site appears to have great promise. Written by a fellow engineer, no doubt constrained in his current job, he has also taken up iOS development, and has shared his knowledge and experience in ways I could only have wished to. I’ve subscribed to his email list, let’s see if I stick with it.