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My approach to programming is to start coding, get completely confused about how to implement the program flow and then start googling the problem I am having. This invariably leads me to stackoverflow.com which then leads me to even more links. I end up spending a lot of time getting distracted, but I always find gem sites that help me gain insight and the answer.

This site appears to have great promise. Written by a fellow engineer, no doubt constrained in his current job, he has also taken up iOS development, and has shared his knowledge and experience in ways I could only have wished to. I’ve subscribed to his email list, let’s see if I stick with it.

iPad Version Update

The first version of the iPad application was rejected by the reviewers at Apple. It seems that they are real sticklers for making sure that the software conforms to their recommended Human Interface guidelines. although the original app “worked” the use of popovers and navigation bars was convoluted. the new version took a lot of time and money to rewrite, but I believe it is a better product for it.

Hopefully Apple will agree and this version will be approved.


Website Work

As I’ve said, the actual programming of the application is only a small part of the work. Developing an application web site to assist in Sales, Updates and a forum or at least a FAQ page is another part.

I have been curious about WordPress for some time, and I had worked in PHP for another “client”, so I decided to add this to my task list. It’s not too bad, and the newer themes do have all of the requirements to make the site “responsive”,  meaning that no mater what device you use to access the site, the screen layout and organization will be optimized for that device. Most of the work is done is the CSS file, but the PHP files do some of the heaving lifting as well

Getting closer to launch

My programmers in India are making great progress. After I pointed out some deficiencies in their project management. they assigned my project to #5 ( I guess the higher the number the longer you’ve been there?) and now they test and provide updates that work.

They fixed the bugs from the iPhone version, and I paid them a down payment for the iPad version. This really got them working, since they now see a stream of income, rather than the large labor loss they took on getting the first iPhone version out that worked. It took something like 12 releases and it wasn’t until after I pointed in them in the right direction did they get the proper database and image matching straightened out.

I don’t think I could have helped them had I not tried to start learning Xcode and iOS programming before I sun contracted out the work. Remember, though that I did take the low bid leader, and I guess you get what you pay for. Overall I’m very happy because the amount I paid was less than or equal to some courses I could have paid for.