Start Here – Techotopia

Start Here – Techotopia.

the iPhone iOS  6 book is a great place to start the programming hands on effort. this version has downloadable source files, is clearly written for all levels of expertise and will actually get you your first app written. I found the site when I was creating the Positive Affirmation application in the Fall of 2012 and it really cleared up some questions and provided the basic audio framework.

iPhone Application Development

Outside of a few programming courses and general exposure to computer programming on a PDP-11  in graduate school, most of my recent exposure has been through .net and visual basic working in the Microsoft environment. This has given me a false sense of security and an inflated sense of my programming skills.

So for the past year or so, I have embarked on a self study course on programming skills and program structure. After sitting in front of a computer for hours during the day at work, spending even more time sitting there after hours has been a challenge. One solution was to spend my plane time reading technical manuals, but nothing beats working out examples from the text books.


I can’t help but to mention the important, yet limited role that the “Instructions for Dummies” series has played in my early learning process. If possible I get one of these books on the topic, as it provide a high level review of the subject, gives you an idea of the scope of the program and let’s you explore the subject with some hands on examples. If you know everything in the book, you have a good idea of the subject, but by far you don’t know everything about the subject.

Nothing really beats a good SAM’s Learn it in 24 hours. Of course that 24 hours is going to take you about a month to get through, but by then you should have a real handle on the mechanics of the program.

Big Nerd Ranch put out a great Objective C book that was in sync with Xcode, but as with all of these current topic books, I can guarantee you that by the time you get done with the book, a new version of the Xcode will be released that makes all of your work and efforts seem like just a starting point.

Other Resources

I was able to attend a Learning Tree course on iPhone Programming using Objective-C. Of their usually very high quality programs (I’ve taken 5 other course on SharePoint and other Microsoft products) this one was way over my head and not appropriate for my level. They are very good about giving you a credit for a course that you are not suited for, if you speak up on the first day. Top notch company as far as I’m concerned.

Stanford online classes won’t let you say that you attended Stanford, but what a great concept to provide, free of charge, the same exact material that people way smarter and richer than most have to pay for.  Once again, over my head but highly recommended


Since I have started this blog sometime after I actually started on my path , I am able to give you a preview of topics that will be covered:

  • Selection of the proper development environment computer
  • Review of books that i have found helpful
  • code examples
  • Updates on wringing money out of the web using  Google and other ads
  • My adventures on and the selection of off shore programmers
  • app development and links
  • success stories and ongoing setbacks in getting an app ready for the Apple Store